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good golly miss molly



lazy days, lazy ways

well, my goal was to install Fireworks (ok, i did that part) and then make a new logo/graphic for the header; it's not that i don't like the current one (i actually do and it reminds me of my fun days of being a bicycle messenger) but well, it isn't original to me and i kinda feel cheap 'borrowing' a graphic...that and i wish it had a gray filter applied instead of that sepia tone! no biggie.

anyhoo - i have been lazy. Fireworks is ready for use and i bought a somewhat good book at Half-Price books...so basically i should get off my arse and work on the graphic already. but you know, the last thing i actually want to do is work on some graphic. i would prefer learning to write C# code than making graphics. so all this is a nod to those artistic folks who do that sort of thing: you are better people than me.

baseball season has started which of course means the only sport that i watch and follow is up. it follows that my wife is not excited by the prospect, since she swears i brought up my love for baseball after our marrige vows were exchanged. i am pretty sure i wore Astros caps before we were married. pretty sure.

all this leads up to the fact that ESPN has replaced CNBC as my morning TV viewing; it is on as i sit here and type this. i mention this b/c it leads to a couple of things:
1) i love the Baseball Tonight ad spots. yeah, love. i know, i know - it is cheesy and sad that they are just members of the Baseball Tonight crew acting out scenes from Bull Durham and such, but you know, they are funny. and while i can ignore almost all commericals, when i hear Gammons shout, "Why you shaking me off?" i have to stop what i am doing and watch. pavlov's dog, i guess.

2) can i say WTF? so as i sat here this morning and poured over why Brad Radke hates me, a commerical came on and i heard a QotSA song. so of course my head jerks immediately to the tv. and what do mine eyes see: a commerical for Confidence. while i am happy to see that James Foley is directing (he did Glengarry Glen Ross) and it sports Ed Burns in a starring role, the commerical didn't instill much confidence (heh) that the film wouldn't suck. still, i guess good to see QotSA getting some mainstream media work.

in other happenings: i am me gusto mucho-ing the latest And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead EP Secret of Elena's Tomb. of course, being an EP it isn't even close to long enough: i listened to it about 9 times mowing the yard on saturday. nine times! but i should focus on the fact that they took the time to give us a new release and that it is indeed good. track #3, Crowning Of A Heart, really stands out to me and the last track, Intelligence, is such a departure for the band; it reminded me a little of NIN's Pretty Hate Machine. no joke!

well, i am 2 cups of coffee in and ready for SSS. until then....

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