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good golly miss molly

what is it about rain and drivers that causes confusion? i just ventured back from the 7th Level of Hades (otherwise known as The Galleria area) and i just do not get people who live in houston and yet don't understand rain. it rains something like 45 inches a year in houston, sometimes several inches at a time. you'd think people would get enough practice driving in it that the novelty would wear off...you'd think!

first off: when it rains in houston, it often gets dark and stormy. turn your frickin' lights on, knuckleheads. i mean, c'mon, headlights/tail lights are there for a reason.

secondly, just b/c it is raining doesn't mean you have to slow to 35 miles and hour and drive in the fast lane of the SouthWorst Fwy. get over it, it's just rain. if the technology of man has not increased enough where we can manufacture tires that can handle rain and 50MPH, then we deserve to go extinct. just once i would like to see people go, "oh, it's just rain," and floor it!

lastly, this trip brought to my attention that Tosca's latest Delih9 is fantastic. check out track #5 Wonderful on disc one; disc one is mostly downbeat and disc two is a lot more ambient. good, good stuff!

ta ta for now!

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I hate to tell you this but it doesn't matter where you live, people drive like jerks if there is anything out of the normal. Rain and snow slows everyone down here in Columbus to about 20mph. Then, after a week's worth of rain/snow, the first nice day causes people to go slow because they've forgotten how to drive when the sun is shining!!!

It happens everywhere said @ 04/08/2003 01:40 PM CST

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