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good golly miss molly


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good morning, sunshine




why am i awake? it's 4AM, which makes it 3AM before day lights savings time. i should be sound asleep, but instead i was just laying in bed, thinking. not even sure what i was thinking about. ugh.

so now i am here in my office, checking email (which is really just an exercise in deleting spam) and wondering if i can go back to sleep.

watched a 2 hour History Channel show called Angels: Good or Evil last night. was not a bad show. made me remember a lot from my Baylor-required history of religion courses. pretty interesting...check it out should you have a chance and you find it repeats. or TiVo it! ;-)

ok - i am off to count sheep or something. surely i will be back in about 3 hours. ttyl.

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