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good morning, sunshine - part deux!



good morning, sunshine

pretty much as expected, i was back up at around 7AM - how quaint. ugh.

so is it bad that i spent 2 hours this morning working on making an audio CD of Yo La Tengo's WFMU All Request Show? yeah, yeah, i know: i should be working on job searches and such, but c'mon it had to be done. so i took the raw MP3s and used CDex to convert them to .wavs. the beauty of CDex is that you can change the bit rate of the MP3s prior to encoding them as .wavs, which is nice if you have a case like this where the MP3s are in 128Kbits...who uses 128Kbits anymore? yuk! so i converted them to 192Kbps and then ripped them. this resulted in 28 .wav files with a total time of a little over 80 minutes (but under 81 mintues!) oops. since most CDRs are 80 minutes (700MB) this could create a problem; no worries though, using Nero you can "over-burn" the CD. of course you run the chance of errors in your burn, but since mine was such a small over-burn need, it turned out ok. end result: i got an audio CD of these live tracks - woot - and it only took 2 hours away from my job searching...umm, yeah. priorities.

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Thanks for the info on CDex.

otterco said @ 04/09/2003 08:29 AM CST

no problem!

i was sitting here (being all ignorant) when i just remembered that i could use CDex to convert Hail To The Theif into .wavs and burn an audio CD for the car. hurray for technology!

sellthekids said @ 04/09/2003 11:08 PM CST

I did the same exact thing, but I got rid of the call-in Beastie Boys cuz, well, IT SUCKED.

duffy said @ 04/10/2003 12:56 PM CST

bwahahah - no kidding! terrible cover of the Beasties and you would think ANYONE could cover the Beasties! i totally blame the caller!

thanks for posting the link to the WFMU show duffy; i would have never heard it without ya'!

sellthekids said @ 04/10/2003 01:20 PM CST

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