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the numbers game

finished up my daily job search work; i find that the beginning of the week (mostly mondays and tuesdays) are slow. not a lot of new jobs are listed and the HR/hiring staffs are still catching up from their last week (or their weekend!)

had to do some recordkeeping work this morning too. the Texas Workforce Commision requires that you keep records for all jobs and interviews that you seek. TWC's goal is to make sure that i am not on the sly trying to pocket that hefty $328/week they are handing out. heh. so the TWC provides you with a cute little blue log book and you have to track all your appointments and such. this is nice b/c it allows me to go back and see what the heck i have been doing for the last six weeks. as follows:

i have applied for roughly 52 positions. i say roughly b/c i am sure i applied for some and didn't log them...after doing so many in a week, i don't fear that i am lacking in proof to the TWC. these are 52 individual companies, some of which are hiring directly, some of which are contract companies looking for placements, and some of which are the big consulting companies looking to place temp-to-perm contractors.

of these 52 companies, i have had 24 'call backs.' some of these were just follow-ups, some were actual telephone interviews. not bad at a 46% rate!

of those 24 call backs, i have had 6 actual office visits, for a 25% return rate. these range from what i call 'meet & greets' to actual 1st interviews. 'meet & greets' often happen with the large consulting companies looking to place contract-to-perm workers. prior to submitting your resume to the company looking to hire, these consulting companies want to make sure you aren't a mouth breather or some whacked out freak, so they invite you in and just kick the tires. i dont consider these real interviews, although they are very useful for networking and good practice at 'soft skills'.

of these 6, i have had 3 (50%!!) real interviews that have been in-depth and some even dealing with code-generation.

so going back, though 50% of my interviews has resulted in 'real' interviews, those 3 only account for a 5% success rate from my initial 52 applications. five-freaking-percent. so when you talk to me and i say things like applying for jobs is a "numbers game" you can see that to be successful (and say get 10 'real' interviews) i'd have to apply for 173 jobs!! OMG...i wish i hadn't done that math. :-X

so there is a glimpse in my job search...well the numbers anyway. the good news is that i think i have at least 2-3 good things working right now that could result in good interview opportunities. woot!

in other news: big ups (as Ali G would say) to McNidder for giving me a heads up on set fire to flames. comprised of members from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and associated bands, set fire to flames really sounds like an interesting troupe. check out the 3 free MP3s on the linked site. i like them already!

ttfn (or ta ta for now)....

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so that's 50% of 25% of 46%
you were at adp too long!

ARogan said @ 04/08/2003 03:56 PM CST

exactly! i felt like i was doing a presentation for Miles, except the end result was that i need to apply for 173 jobs to get 10 good interviews. no way to candycoat that...kinda like Jupiter's end result ;-)

sellthekids said @ 04/08/2003 04:39 PM CST

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