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bring out your dead

there is nothing more exciting than a job fair! nothing!

ok, i lie. i mean, look at that website. you know if someone took that much time to create something that looks that crappy, well then heck, i am sure the same care and attention is being poured into the actual event. riiiiiight.

job fairs are mostly a waste of time. sure, there are employers there who are looking for workers, but often times these are the dregs of the employment bin. i have seen Value Pawn looking to hire people (nothing as exciting as risking your life to sell probable stolen goods to possible theives - woot!) or how about every telemarketing firm in the northern hemisphere (sorry, i had an awsome link that i took off a CASSETTE TAPE that was given to me at one of these event...yes, i CASSETTE TAPE...but i have since trashed it. trust me, it was hil-ar-ious.) and of course, no job fair would be complete without some multi-level marketing scam company looking for peeps. seriously - job fairs are the petri dish of the employment world. yum!

so this morning i will be looking my snappiest and heading down to the George R. Brown and see what's up. who knows, maybe i will get lucky and the CIA will hire me. heh.

in other happenings: with the hookup from Chip, Subpop shot me a promo copy of Kinski's newest release and i am swimming in happiness. having only been through the CD one full time, i can easily say that i am going to love this the more i listen to it. look for a full review coming up! in the meantime, hit their official site and download some free MP3s!

hasta luego!

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I just bought the Trail of Dead, EP, and like you, it is going to get played to DEATH.

duffy said @ 04/10/2003 12:57 PM CST

it is a fantastic EP...but all together leaves me wishing for a full length release.

duffy i cannot believe you left prior to Local H playing. crazy insane. and i am über jealous that you are going to see Yo La Tengo tonight. they are incredible live. i will wait with baited breath for a review on your site!

sellthekids said @ 04/10/2003 01:35 PM CST

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