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how to manipulate numbers and win friends

can i say "weeeeeeeeeee!"?

back from the Gulf Coast Job Fair and i gotta say: ugh. 52 companies registered to show up. i went b/c there was at least ONE company i thought might be useful...of course they didn't even show up. figures.

of the 52 companies listed, most where not very useful to me:

  • 10 were law enforcement / armed services (Secret Service, CIA, US Army, etc)

  • 11 were local colleges looking for teachers. although this would be fun, i am probably not a subject matter expert in anything that i could teach.

  • 6 were local area hospitals. most were looking for nursing or clerical workers.

  • 3 were the city of houston. umm, yeah.

    that's 57% of the companies there that didn't really meet my needs.

    of the others, most were like this example: Time Warner has a booth. in the pre-printed Gulf Coast Job Expo booklet, TW advertised they were looking for "Principle Software Engineer", "Systems Analyst" and "Senior Software Engineer." but when you go to talk to TW they hand you a flyer that list what they are 'really' looking for: CSRs, repair techs, direct sales reps and marketing reps.

    my point? most of the job fairs are really publicity settings. sure, some companies are there to hire people b/c they have an actual need, but most companies are simply sending their people out to maintain a presence in the market place.

    too bad i don't qualify for the Secret Service ;-)

    i picked up American Hi-Fi's latest The Art of Losing. after one complete listen i think the best word to describe it is "derivative." i hope that has the right connotation. i am not saying 'influenced' - i am saying derivative: a substance that can be made from another substance. don't take that as meaning anything good. it is rather evident that Am Hi-Fi has taken the path to become the next Good Charlotte or Blink-182. can't really blame them though: it's hard to sell out when you have never been in!

    and that's all she wrote!

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