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Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

is there a greater technology device for the TV than TiVo? i would sell my Xbox to pay my monthly TiVo dues...seriously.

tonight we watched Runaway Universe that TiVo so kindly picked out and recorded (since it aired at 5AM.) Runaway Universe is an excellent Nova presentation. who knew that the universe is still expanding? i surely did not.

i always find it interesting that TV programs often show astronomers doing tasks such as looking through telescopes and staring at images of stars and pulsars and such. the programs never show them doing tasks that requires most of these guys to have PhDs in mathematical courses i can't pronounce. cracks me up - like any joe schmoe could just 'be' an astronomer b/c all that is involved is looking at pretty pictures and such. heh. (scary what amuses me, isn't it?)

check out the Runway Universe site and give the show a gander (or buy a TiVo so you can do it at your leisure!)


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