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mowtown records

had to do the weekly yard work today, so i tested out Kinski's Airs Above Your Station for mow appeal. besides being a fantastic disc, it is well suited for yard work. guitars are generally loud, bass is mixed real full and there are pretty much no lyrics. plus, i was able to mow the entire front yard during the time it took "Schedule For Using Pillows & Beanbags" to play. heh. by the way, that is currently my favorite track.

Caviar's latest EP, Laurel Metallic, has arrived - finally. good to hear this new stuff. it is a lot more sample-based than their last offering. "Aloha" reminds me a little of Sugar Ray and "Lioness" is a direct nod to Echo and the Bunnymen. can't go wrong when you are influenced by Echo and the Bunnymen! i think my favie on the EP is "Where Are You" - i mean it name drops The Who and has a hella-catchy bridge into the chorus. love those guitars, Dave!


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