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splish splash

so i gotta know: what level of redneck does this make me?


  • no, we don't have any children.

  • yes, that is a 250 gallon kiddie pool.

  • yes, i did float in it today after mowing the yard.


    in all truth we bought it for our standard poodle, who loves water. of course, she often treats it like a giant water dish. ok and maybe b/c it is nice to lie in when it is 110 degrees in July...don't even ask about august; we just boil lobsters in it at that point. heh.


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    Wow you spoil your dog more than I spoil my kid! I want a pic with YOU in it!!! :-)

    ARogan said @ 04/10/2003 06:25 PM CST

    Dar refused to take the pic yesterday as i floated peacefully on my floatie.


    sellthekids said @ 04/11/2003 07:17 AM CST

    my mama has a white trash daddy,
    all brawn and no brains

    he says, "do the warsh" and "new-cu-lur"
    "something something sim-u-lur"

    is that you?

    otterco said @ 04/11/2003 09:56 AM CST

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