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in like a lamb, out like a lion?

had a good 1st interview today with Idea Integration, who is looking for an ASP/SQL Server developer. many, many thanks to Beth for the hook up. tres cool office in Greenway Plaza. nice colors on the walls, cool open cubes and offices, great indirect lighting with no hellish fluorescent lights...all in all it seems like they have taken time to care about their employees' environment. novel concept that some companies should check into - heh. met a couple of the developers, who seemed like nice people and appear to be 'inner-looper' types. overall it seemed like a good fit. hope to hear back positive things!

got a callback for a 2nd interview with Kleindienst Corp. should be interesting. Kleindienst is a Germany company that is looking for a "sales support analyst". they manufacture and sell machines that scan and sort documents for banks, health care, etc. a portion of the work that the machines do is storing the scanned images in a SQL Server database. Kleindienst is looking for someone to do pre-sales work, post-sales system installation and setup, as well as some programming and maintenace work associated with the existing client base. i am scheduled to be interviewed by the president of the company, who is in the US from Germany on business. buena fortuna. i am hoping this goes well. position sounds interesting with a lot of growth potential, so i am kinda excited!

plus, i now have a telephone 1st interview with AdminiStaff on monday. they are looking for a permenant VB developer for their staff. hadn't heard back from them in a bit, so it is good to see that they are making progress and i guess i am still in the running! when it rains, it pours!

so on the whole, today was a good day job searchwise. nice to end the week on a high note!

high-oooooooooooo! (please say in fake Ed McMahon voice)

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kick arse!

otterco said @ 04/11/2003 06:45 PM CST

hey, i dig the site. i'll add a link to it next time i update mine (yeah, ooooh, i'm sure you'll get so many more hits).

i heard good things about your interview today!

oh, where can i get one of those kiddie pools? :)


queenbeth said @ 04/11/2003 08:26 PM CST

excellent news, QueenBeth! again, i owe you my gratitude.

and of course we bought our pool at the mecca of poor-white trash: Wal-mart!

sellthekids said @ 04/12/2003 07:47 AM CST

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