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mr. saturday night special

i watched Dennis Miller's new stand-up titled The Raw Feed last night on HBO. gotta say - wasn't impressed. i think Miller has lost his mojo. lemme explain: a) there are several things that Miller just doesn't do as well as he used to, b) there is also a shift in Miller's politics that has caused his humor to lose some value in my eyes, c) and they there are some revelations that i have come to about Miller's wit.

first off, Miller's bits are not as sharp as they used to be. they don't have the bite and satire that caused me as a college sophomore to memorize his entire catalog of humor. i found much of The Raw Feed just a monologue that wasn't that funny. he has also seemed to fall out of step with society as a whole - he did a bit about playing "Nintendo 64" with his son. really, Nintendo 64? so a guy who makes several mil a year forces his 12 yr. old son to play a console from 1996? doubtful. there were several more instances just like this - old references, old jokes that just weren't funny or relevant.

secondly, either by becoming a middle-aged dad or just becoming middle-aged, Miller has taken a huge turn to the right. a guy that used to come off as middle-to-left in his politics, a guy who i thought was anti-war, anti-violence...well, he is just gung-ho over Bush, the war in Iraq, and war in general in the Middle East. and while i could agree with him on his points about Clinton and the damage he did the office of the President of the United States, i am not blind to the damage that Bush is doing to our civil liberties via that same position and his appointment of John Ashcroft as US Attorney General. i would have been more impressed if they guy i used to know as Dennis Miller would have riffed on our government's decision to imprison US naturalized citizens, while denying their unalienable rights. but Miller didn't broach this subject or any others like it. instead, Miller called it 'perceptive' that we as a government should take notice that eleven of the fifteen Sept. 11th terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and that it is prudent to single out Saudi Arabians b/c of their country of birth. yeah, that's as perceptive as our WWII treatment of Japanese-Americans. real perceptive.

lastly, i have noticed that Miller isn't the comedian i always thought he was. i used to think that Miller was bright, quick-thinking, and witty. i assumed that his retorts were off-the-cuff and that he was a fast-thinker who had the skills to go toe-to-toe with political pundits and talk show hosts alike. but i think his recent visit to The Jon Stewart Show highlighted that almost all of Miller's remarks on any subjects are highly rehearsed, practiced, and over-used. during Stewart's show, Miller whipped out a large segment of his material from The Raw Feed as answers to questions from Stewart. since this was pre-The Raw Feed, it wasn't evident what Miller had done, but when i later viewed The Raw Feed it caused me to re-think Miller's past performances in 'live' events. i saw just a few of Miller's NFL game commentaries, but they were also reminescent of Miller's performance on Stewart's show: old stand-up material re-used and re-used till it is tired and played out.

so, i don't think i will be watching much of Dennis Miller in the future. he changed or i changed, but either way, he just isn't funny to me anymore. i guess watching Jon Stewart every night and falling in love with David Cross' stand-up album (warning link contains 'adult' language) has made me more selective in who i think is funny.

on another note: ESPN just ran a segment on Tara Brady. leave it to a private, (Catholic) university to act in this manner. typical - not like Catholicism has a real positive public image right now, anyway. way to go, Sacred Heart University.

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going to post my retort on donewaiting.com

otterco said @ 04/14/2003 10:05 AM CST

check out Otter's response:

i completely forgot the Fast Times mis-pronunciation...put that up there with the Nintendo 64 comment. just out of touch, Miller is.

as for his political leanings, well sure, i can totally see my pops agreeing with 75% of Miller's bit, but i used to remember Miller being something i would hide from my dad, not make a CD copy for. Miller has drifted so far to the right he makes Heston sound like Nader. seriously.

anyway - i laughed less than Otter...just me.

sellthekids said @ 04/14/2003 11:48 AM CST

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