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used to be a time when i believed you



what's the frequency, kenneth?

found a good interview (only about 3 weeks old) with Scott Herren of Prefuse73 and Savath and Savalis. Prefuse73 are supposed to be coming to Houston to play at the Rhythm Room on Friday, May 9, 2003. needless to say, i am very much looking forward to this show and i hope i am not disappointed by it not happening. hint hint Rhythm Room!

over and out!

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not at rhythm room, it's at SMOM now. fyi. supposed to be a venue that doesn't rely on booze sales. which means they don't sell booze or that they only sell it for one night. read this article for more info:


otterco said @ 04/15/2003 09:14 AM CST

thanks for the link; wish Warp would update their site...

at least Herren is still coming to Houston!

here is the link to the happenings at SMOM: http://www.smom-houston.org/concerts.htm

sellthekids said @ 04/15/2003 09:49 AM CST

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