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used to be a time when i believed you

just returned from the Zwan show: gotta say it was a good show, esp. since it was free. no way i was paying $37 for a ticket, but many thanks to Otter for the hook-up and thanks to Heather for allowing me to steal her ticket!

i knew it was going to be a rock-n-roll night when during my pre-concert Mc Donald's drive-thru i noticed Frank Beard and Billy Gibbons behind me in line. i told the manager taking payment 'at the first window' who they were and to tell them i said, "what's up?!," and sure enough they waved to me in my rear view. how odd - Frank drives a brand new Grand Prix...now that is not very rock-n-roll.

the Zwan show was good. Billy Corgan appeared happy and that was nice to see. the band was good and sonically the music was loud. they played every song on the CD plus two that i didn't recognize; i assume they are b-sides to the single.

the 13 min I Jesus, Mary Star of the Sea was nice, esp. since they really free-formed a lot of the guitar parts. still standout songs were "Endless Summer" (which opened the show), "Ride A Black Swan" (an Otter favorite), and "Honestly" (the requisite single.) Corgan seemed truly amazed when the roughly 400-600 people in attendance knew the lyrics to many of the songs; he cracked a smile now and again just b/c of this fact.

musically, Dave Pajo and Matt Sweeney are adequate, sometimes amazing, but it was telling when Corgan would smile when one of them would miss a chord. no one plays guitar like Billy. Jimmy Chamberlain was good behind the set, although at least twice he seemed out of step with the rest of the band - but he was loud. Paz Lenchantin did her best Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" impression and i think had most of the guys in the crowd awed. was kinda funny to watch.

all in all a great show, but the cost of tickets these days is insane. as always, Verizon is a great venue and i can't help but leave each time and wonder what Local H would sound like in there. i imagine very loud.

i am off to quell the ringing in my ears.

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loved the show

otterco said @ 04/15/2003 09:18 AM CST

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