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life is slow when your groove is on

we needed some printer paper so of course i thought a quick jaunt to Best Buy would be in order. i am now the proud owner of this DVD, which is nice b/c we only had this on VHS and we haven't owned a VHS player in a few years. heh.

picked up the new Pete Yorn for $5.99 and the new Chevelle for $6.99. i have already listened to the Yorn on a free stream (thanks to Duffy at Donewaiting.com for the link!) and i like it a lot. time will tell if i like it as much as musicforthemorningafter. as for Chevelle's CD, i think the word for 2003 is derivative. i liked their sound so much better when it was The Deftones doing covers of Tool. this CD is most definitely RIYL (Recommeneded If You Like) Adrenaline or Opiate/Undertow. nothing wrong with a band wanting to bring back the rock from the early-to-mid-90s, but they should try to do it better than the originals and i am not sure Chevelle is ready for that challenge.

hope to have some good news on the job situation by monday at the latest. i am excited and anxious - shouldn't you be too?!

lastly, check out this awsome pic. i was a soap box derby star! heh. thanks to my pops for sending it along!


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no comment

otterco said @ 04/18/2003 07:07 AM CST

whaddya mean, "no comment." dude - check out the tank top in awsome early 80s OP yellow. c'mon.

and the 'big green machine' qualified as an alternate for nationals (meaning i was 4th in Baton Rouge that year.) i ruled!

wish i had the pic of next year's General Lee. now it kicked arse!

sellthekids said @ 04/18/2003 09:04 AM CST

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