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you were so in with the out crowd

four times. four fantastic times.

that is the number of times today that i listened to the new Local H EP while i did yard work. in all truth, it made me wish i had more yard, only so i could have heard it again. seriously.

only available via the band's shows until the retail release on Tuesday, May 27 2003, this EP is just what i needed to start my summer off: six songs, 3 original H tunes and 3 covers, which are well worth the $8 CD cost by themselves.

track list:
1. No Fun
2. President Forever
3. Birth, School, Work, Death (cover of The Godfathers)
4. Cooler Heads
5. I Just Want Something To Do (cover of The Ramones)
6. F*ck Yeah, That Wide (words by Primal Scream, song title from a Mr. Show skit.)

playing under what can only be deemed the heading of "ain't broke, don't fix it" this is classic Local H: loud guitars from Scott, crushing beats from Brian, a fair bit of Scott screaming, and the usual wall of controlled guitar noise that only Scott can conjure up. in all, it is everything you have wanted from Local H since Ham Fisted - yeah i said it: since Ham Fisted. damn skippy.

Local H must have also decided that the Dixie Chicks lack the skills of taking a stand and making a statement properly. (The Dixie Chicks remind me of a certain pitcher, about whom Art Howe said runs faster backward than he can forward. i have never seen a band backpedal so fast from a comment as the Dixie Chicks have...but i digress.); track #2 gets down to brass tacks. how about a taste:

I'm President forever
Accountable to no one no more
Daddy look at me I'm a big boy now
A brat to the manner I'm born

Who wants to go back to war with Iraq
Who wants to shoot a straight shot for the right to crack
Who wants to go and give the principal his statue back
I want to take it all

I'm President forever
America you found your man
If we can all agree on this one thing
You know you'll never have to vote again

and can we talk about "F*ck Yeah, That Wide"? the liner notes state lyrics by Primal Scream and "music by every band who's ever done this sh|t before." it is over nine minutes of controlled chaos; Scott thumping the bass in lock-step with Brian and enough guitar pyrotechnics to qualify as a fire hazard. i gotta see this live. just gotta. everyone chant with me now: "You got the money, we got the soul!"

so to sum this up, all i can say is - wow. hope you all get your copy. soon.

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