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snoop doggy dog needs to get a jobby job

after eight weeks and a day of unemployment and searching my bootie off, today i accepted a full time employee position at Idea Integration. i will be working as an application developer. no word on the start date, but i would expect it should be very quickly, possibly this week.

kudos to Kleindienst for being in the running, but missing the final cut.

*whew* glad that is over. lemme tell ya - looking for a job is a job in and of itself. if you are thinking of making a move, just know that it takes a huge effort and a lot of time, both in the search and in the firm's responses. start now! heh.

thanks to all for the support and kind words. please let me know if i can assist you in your search!

update: first day of work is Wednesday, April 23, 2003. that makes my search 8 weeks and 2 days. heh.

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Woot! Congrats!

So do they have any other openings? :-)

ARogan said @ 04/21/2003 05:34 PM CST

great news on getting a job...


mcnidder said @ 04/21/2003 05:36 PM CST

unfortunatly for my former workmates, ADP makes you sign a non-compete as well as a NDA. the non-compete stipulates that i cannot help anyone for a year! that means next Feb 20th....craziness.

sellthekids said @ 04/21/2003 05:36 PM CST


--mr. anal typo guy

jobby to ze germans...

otterco said @ 04/21/2003 05:48 PM CST

fixed it, Mr. Nappy...when is McNidder going to explain that to us?

sellthekids said @ 04/21/2003 06:59 PM CST

another scottish term for jobby is keek....

as in

the wean just keeked in her nappies which translates as the baby just poohed in the nappies.

I trust you will be following the mantra of the other famous Brent (see awesome pic 4/18/03), of course I mine David Brent from The Office "I am a boss first, friend second and entertainer third".

mcnidder said @ 04/22/2003 02:22 PM CST

does that mean visits to donewaiting.com are going to drop?

duffy said @ 04/22/2003 05:25 PM CST

damn scots - crazy i tell ya. bring us back something kooky from Seoul, McNidder! btw - nappy means pants?

as for you, Mr. Duffy, i shall promise to visit donewaiting.com at least once a day...i rise early and generally always get my morning surfing done prior to work. sleep is for the weak! ;-)

sellthekids said @ 04/22/2003 08:16 PM CST

nappies = diapers

mcnidder said @ 04/23/2003 05:51 PM CST

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