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snoop doggy dog needs to get a jobby job


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quality is job one

got a new toy today: take a peek! GT [EDIT]4.6[/EDIT] liter V8...this thing is fast. i think the term is, muscle.

spent an hour this morning in the Social Security office ordering a new Social Security card. since we have moved 2 or 3 times since my last job start, i somehow can't find the right box that holds the grail. as for the SS office, it wasn't half bad. they got a good system working and they move that line quick. how quick? place opens at 9AM, i was there at 8:45AM. i pulled my number: i was 43! wow! still, they moved through 43 numbers in less than 30 minutes. i was impressed. seriously. good to see someone finally is making government work a little more efficiently.

i have a raging headache and i am blaming it on SARS. killin' me.

also today we hit the grocery store and it wasn't pretty. prior to entering i told my wife, "let's not spend $300 like last time," and so we agreed. 2 hours later the total was $327.20. i am not kidding. but i am having steak tonight. mmmm mmmm.

anywho - off to warm up the grill.

catch ya' later!

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Hmm, older Mustangs up to 1995 had 5.0 liter engines. 1996 on had 4.6 liter in the GT and 5.4 in Cobra. Wondering how you got that Chevy 5.7 in that Mustang?

Mustang 5.7? said @ 04/23/2003 04:14 PM CST

you have got to be kidding me

why, oh why?

throw yourself on the grill for driving that car


I kid, I kid...

otterco said @ 04/23/2003 05:02 PM CST

still got a bit of the boy racer in you (no pun intended)...at your age, you ought to be ashamed.

mcnidder said @ 04/23/2003 05:50 PM CST

absolutely correct - i thought the badge under the GT badge said 5.7...i looked tonight and it does say 4.6...shows what i know about cars ;-)

it is fast, though. i can enter the freeway from a standstill to about 80MPH in about 6 or 7 seconds. squirrelly-fast.

also, i prefer porterhouse. not chop, not rib-eye, but porterhouse. ;-)

sellthekids said @ 04/23/2003 08:17 PM CST

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