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well, we're moving on up



all work and no play make brently something something

man, i forgot how tiring work can be. i need another 2 month vacation! thanks again, unca' ADP! you're the best!

this just struck me as amazing; i would not be surprised if one day we see eBay competing with Wal-mart for the title of World's Largest Corporation. those numbers are crazy-insane.

and this made me smile; just goes to prove that if you can afford to have Dr. Dre work your backbeat for you, anyone can be The Real Slim Shady. anyone.

lastly, if you watch Comedy Central then hopefully you have caught Insomniac. and if you have, then more than likely you (like me) really enjoy Dave Attell. without further ado, some Q&A with Dave! (thanks to Rob for the linky.)


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