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well, we're moving on up

in an attempt to make sure that our trailer is the best trailer in tornado alley, we have replaced the pool that our 'water dog' killed with a larger, better version. sad, huh?

friday night was fun. had our 4th or 5th pizza night and i gotta give mad props to Otter and Heather for getting this concept going. one of the best purchases to augment the pizza stone was a Chicago deep dish pan, which makes a mean 20lbs pizza! it also makes a fat and happy 200lbs guy - heh.

work was good this week. actually did billable work in my first week of work, so i assume that is the right way to go. lots of stuff for me to learn; Idea does a vast amount of internet dev work, so there are a bunch of new tools to use. most people at Idea use Homesite instead of InterBug and i can see why. it has some nice features like the ability to auto-close tags for you when coding HTML. next week will be my first new week, so we'll see how that goes!

apple is reportedly coming out with new iPods this week. i am waiting to get one until i see the new versions. hope the leaks are right - i am so sick of listening to Otter rave about his. i need some one-up-manship!

hasta la vista!

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