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future so bright

here is a shotgun blast of me trying to play catch-up:
i've ordered mine, have you ordered yours?

previously mentioned in some my rants was the story of Mike Hawash. today's WSJ featured an article on his arrest and *finally* the public disclosure of the charges against him. all i can say is i hope there is a reasonable explanation for some of the troubling stuff mentioned in the article. something else for me to keep following. :-(

this flick was recently been recommended to me. anyone, anyone? bueller....

Otter hooked me up with a CD by the band Death In Vegas. kooky stuff and a definitely kooky site. take a peek. thanks to Otter!

lastly, tomorrow marks my first week anniversary of employment at Idea. all i can say is that, damn, work is tiring. what the heck? was it totally necessary for me to go back to work? oh, yeah, the mortgage. yeah, right. seriously, work has been good. there is a ton of stuff for me to learn and that is nice b/c it has kept my busy and interested. it is also nice to see stuff i work on go into use - unlike other dev projects i have worked on where essentially we built a 3 yr. demo that was never installed. :-0 looks like there is a lot of work on the horizon, which is great since i work in a place where i am learning how important it is to be "billable."

that's it, i am done...stick a fork in me.

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god, I hate the billable BS

otterco said @ 04/30/2003 09:51 AM CST

you haven't seen dead solid perfect? okay...

ask jamie about it.

otterco said @ 04/30/2003 09:52 AM CST

jamie recommended it. no i haven't seen it, considering it was a "made for TV" movie.

i was trolling for opinions, though.


sellthekids said @ 04/30/2003 05:47 PM CST

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