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the triple crown

what makes the Internet so great? is it the vast wealth of information at your fingertips? nah. what makes it great is the vast wealth of sites that catalog useless knowledge and the others who offer great humor, at length, for free. hope you enjoy these.

have i mentioned how excited i am about ordering my iPod? here is the WSJ's Walter Mossberg's thoughts on the new iPod. can't wait for mine to show up!

previously mentioned in one of my entries, Local H's The No Fun EP is now available for sale on the web. if Scott and Brian don't make it to your hometown, at least you can feel the noise via their latest offering. oh yeah, by the way, it rocks! ;-)

since i thought yesterday was tuesday, i am very excited to find out that tomorrow is the last day of work for the week. you know, everybody's working for the weekend. seriously.

Dar made some mint juleps this evening (that's what happens when you move to the suburbs, stay home all day and watch Martha Stewart...it's a sickness, i think.) all i have to say is, why waste good bourbon by mixing it with super sugary water? i guess just like the Kentucky Derby, this is something i am not going to get. i'll continue to drink mine with just a little ice, thank you very much.

lastly, what in the hell is MLB doing? changing home field advantage for the World Series? someone should take a hit out on Selig. seriously.

i'm out!

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