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sunshine of your love

Dar and i did a little yard work this weekend. we are almost done with the front beds; we added some caladiums around the front trees and bought some beautiful hydrangea in blue and purple to line the walkway. we still are one big plant away from being done, but for now it looks a lot nicer than it did!

cool article on Salon about The Matrix. nothing really new, but is a good read to get the juices flowing for the upcoming movie. so excited - woot!

appears that the record companies are exploring various hacks to stop users from illegally downloading music. they still don't get it: rather than develop a system that would be economical and loved by all, they would prefer to spend their resources on trying to fight the tide of songs flowing out on public and private networks. i say "still" b/c it has been pretty much mouthed by many that they would PAY to download music if they could get good quality and have it in a format that they can use in the same way they do their CDs. instead, what has been offered up is mediocre selection and a system that treats consumers like criminals by crippling the MP3s. sad sad sad. maybe iTunes will prove the promise of the utopia that could exist. if you build it, [they] will come. sure wish i had a Mac so i could try it out. arrrgh.

i spent the remainder of my weekend watching all the Simpson's episodes that TiVo has been gathering for me. up to this point i have watched 9 episodes this weekend alone, and i still have about 7 to go! i gotta keep plugging away to stay ahead of TiVo! btw, Fox finally figured it out b/c all the episodes lately have been from 1993-94 and they are great. man, i love these old episodes.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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