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time to make the doughnuts



sail to the moon

man i am tired. swear the days are getting longer. i almost feel too tired to try to be witty, so i will just have to suck all the same.

i want to post that i think the upcoming Radiohead album, Hail To The Thief, is going to be a big hit. it is another gorgeous musical masterpiece and i am already feeling it after just a couple of listens. track 3, "sail to the moon" needs to be on constant repeat...i find myself absently humming it for no reason at all. anyhoo, i dunno if this is some marketing ploy or what, but it is going to be a damn fine release and i can't wait to own a real, legal copy. knowing Radiohead, the booklet that comes with the CD will be as entertaining as the music.

i am off to count sheep.

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