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brently wept

so here is a little poll...
via FedEx's website i can see that my iPod is waiting for me at home, thank god, so i am going to be using it this weekend!

so i want to ask: what will be the first album of MP3s i put on it? what should it be?

lemme know what your guess is. i will post on monday revealing the secret.

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Billy Ray Cyrus: Some Gave All

King Ad Ross said @ 05/09/2003 03:29 PM CST

it frightens me that you would even know a CD title of his work.


sellthekids said @ 05/09/2003 03:30 PM CST

I think it needs to be something by Pink Floyd -- maybe Ummagumma (the live CD). Bust out with some nice old live FLoyd while getting everything else organized to put on the iPOD.

Billy Ray Cyrus? For God's sake, I just ate.

otterco said @ 05/09/2003 03:44 PM CST

i guess i should have mentioned that i really am asking for suggestions. i have been thinking about it since around 10AM this morning and personally i think it should be something cool, interesting, and above all, good. i mean, i am going to de-virginize my iPod, for crissakes!

Floyd's Ummmagumma is a good suggestion and duly noted.

sellthekids said @ 05/09/2003 03:48 PM CST

Of course, I was thinking of what would sound pretty cool while you're listening. Knowing it'll be late or early when you're doing it, I thought of that. But "OK Computer" might be good as well.

otterco said @ 05/09/2003 04:03 PM CST

your IPOD needs to get experienced!!!

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?

'nuff said

ahoang said @ 05/09/2003 04:30 PM CST

My ipod became instantly devirginized my 1000 songs downloaded by my brother.
I am excited when:
Black Sabbath
The Smiths
Borderline and even Beat it play

My first entry to my ipod was:
Townsmen and Elephant (white Stripes)

Jred said @ 05/09/2003 04:31 PM CST

for me, this is heaven - jimmy eat world
because an ipod... that's heaven allright

Megan said @ 05/09/2003 06:04 PM CST

Ha! Cracking an iPod , eh? Congrats! So, I appreciate you asking but I haven't a clue as to what you should listen to first - it's YOUR iPod! If it were me, I would just load it up, close my eyes and let the fingers do the walking ... you wouldn't put a bad song on there now would you B? So all that said, how 'bout some Pixies??

Heather said @ 05/09/2003 06:49 PM CST

My guess is his first album in the iPod is HAIL TO THE THIEF by Radiohead.

I win.

duffy said @ 05/10/2003 08:52 AM CST

Rolling Stones, “Some Girls”

It may not be timely, but dayyam it's timeless.

Bryce said @ 05/10/2003 10:34 AM CST

besides a guess at my pick, what do YOU think i should put on there first, Duffy?

i was out late last night (Prefuse 73 show - fab!) so i had zero time to play with the iPod. so i will be ripping CDs and loading 'em up here today, more than likely after i mow the yard in 90 degree heat. *whew*

sellthekids said @ 05/10/2003 12:20 PM CST


duffy said @ 05/11/2003 02:04 PM CST

Blur - Parklife

...it's the breaking glasss sound at the song's opening that just seems right to break in a new iPd...

Tankboy said @ 05/11/2003 09:08 PM CST

Physical Graffiti:Kashmir (Rat would never lie to you, man)

rdbj_97 said @ 05/11/2003 10:34 PM CST

it is written --> http://www.sellthekids.com/archives/00000041.html

thanks for all the input. many of the CDs mentioned will be going on during this week!

sellthekids said @ 05/12/2003 12:48 AM CST

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