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sometimes everything is easy

seems to be a lot of discussion going on about The Matrix Reloaded. reading my favorite geek site, QT3, i culled a couple of cool links: (a) a good NYT's article on Cornell West's role in the flick, plus Corporate MoFo has a great commentary that posits one way of dissecting the film. interesting stuff.

been listening to a lot of music lately, particularly the new Blur release, Think Tank. after several listens through i am really liking it a lot. i recently revisted several of their previous releases and i can see why some folks are taken aback: Think Tank is no Parklife. it is also not "hit" driven, so you won't get a rowdy summer anthem like "Song #2". what you do seem to get is a mostly thoughtful, introverted CD, which alludes to the fact that Damon Albarn is getting older. you can hear the Gorillaz's influences, such as the falsetto that Damon Albarn uses on "Good Song" or the bass beats in tracks such as "On The Way To The Club", so he isn't that old. heh. it also is not as derivative as Blur's previous stuff. where you might hear Beatles or ABC rips on songs such as "End of a Century" and "The Universal" (which has a great video takeoff on Clockwork Orange), instead the tracks on Think Tank are decidedly more Radioheadesque. i am not saying that Blur is copying Radiohead, but rather they have moved into that 21st century sound, where computer effects are obvious and used to give the music a more disconnected feel, as well as to help layer the sounds upon themselves so as to develop complex rythms and soundscapes. "Ambulance" is a great example of that, with its intro bleeps and chirps that sound so PC and the drumbeat that is Pro Tools metered. it is worth a few listens if you are into Blur, the Gorillaz, or Radiohead.

could this long weekend get here any quicker, please? killin' me.

off to work!

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That article on corpMoFo really baked my noodle. But what really kills me is that I wasted so much time in college drinking, whoring, partying, doing drugs, driving around Dallas at two in the morning, staying up for three days in a row, drinking, hanging out in bars, waking up on the floor, wasting my time trying to pick up Rugby chicks (they are *fans* and I didn't play), drinking, and generally screwing off instead of paying attention in class.

Sure, it was fun *then*. But, these days, I don't have as strong a need to practice my "driving sober" skills or to be cool or try and function in normal society with a crushing hangover. Nope, I need a new skill set. Hmmmm, DJ at a strip club could leverage a lot of my skills and my driving passing for 80's hair bands...

rdbj_97 said @ 05/21/2003 09:44 AM CST

you've got the voice that's for sure. and what man hasn't wanted to say, "now appearing on center stage, Destiny*!"

*(or Starla or Kitten or Sparkle, etc).

sellthekids said @ 05/21/2003 10:18 AM CST

yeaaahhh. i am loving the new blur record. it took a few spins but now it's pretty much the only thing i listen to.

duffy said @ 05/21/2003 07:59 PM CST

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