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Comprehension is not requisite for cooperation

William Gibson has an interesting entry in his blog; it ruminates on media and where we have been and where we may go. i think it has some keen insights and i particularly enjoy what he says towards the music industry. check it out. oh yeah, click here if you need help. heh.

stumbled upon a neat article on Wired's site about how the war was fought in Iraq and how IT played a role in it. although it sounds like we may be a decade or more away from the 'cyber-soldier', it appears that our government is making use of the technology at hand, or at least trying. i find it funny that the troops use MSN to pop messages back to Centcom. guess the don't got mail. ;-)

Duffy at Donewaiting linked to an interesting NYT article on how Wal-mart is homogenizing the media available. it makes some good points, but i find some of them trying to pander to hype. take this quote:

But with the chains' power has come criticism from authors, musicians and civil liberties groups who argue that the stores are in effect censoring and homogenizing popular culture. The discounters and price clubs typically carry an assortment of fewer than 2,000 books, videos and albums, and they are far more ruthless than specialized stores about returning goods if they fail to meet a minimum threshold of weekly sales.

that sounds scary, right? in truth, i worry about this about .0001 of a percent. why? well, re-read Gibson's blog. do you think, say in 10-15 years, that people will still buy CDs from mainstream suppliers in a physical media format? the success of iTunes is proving that the days of needing a store to provide you with a CD are going the way of the Dodo. at some point we will be able to download and burn our own music, with liner notes and pictures, and it will fit my tastes. this freedom that technology is going to bring will causes retailers like Wal-mart to matter less in goods that can and will have a digital form. DVD movies? from Wal-mart? f-that: i will download The Matrix Part XII and burn it to my own DVD, never leaving the house, and then i will watch it on my 75" plasma flat screen with Dolby 6.1 and THX. maybe not tomorrow, but soon, in my lifetime. anyway, i don't truly worry about how Wal-mart shapes the media available in their stores; they are playing an end game with outdated goods. :-)


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Dude, if swallowing the blue pill means never having to go out to a movie theater again, never having to wait on line, never having to search for non-existant parking, then pass me a glass of water!

rdbj_97 said @ 05/23/2003 09:37 AM CST

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