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the mob has spoken

appears that Diageo PLC, owner of the illustrious brand Guinness, has scraped the FastPour system that was in trial in England. although it stuposedly didn't alter the taste, users just didn't go for it. read all about it from the WSJ.

Microsoft has a new language called F#. no, i am not kidding. "F# is meant to bridge the best of the functional, imperative, object-oriented and typed-classed languages." umm, ok. it is partly based, in application, on functional languages such as Lisp, Scheme and ML. interesting read, but something i won't be learning. heck, i still need to work on C#. what's with all the pound signs and calling them 'sharp'? crazy MS.

gotta run - got code to mangle and applications to break. ;-)


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freakin' heck..I have never had a pint in the us of a that has taking longer than 25 sec to pour..except when the dim wit bar folks have just not bothered to come back to finish pouring....what a bunch of cack handed chimpanzies

I would suggest that diageo get in touch bill gates evil empire to sort this problem out...G# anyone...

mangling code does that not hurt?

mcnidder said @ 05/23/2003 02:44 PM CST

This is off topic, but did Everclear ever make the iPod cut? Which begs the question: where do all the porn stars go?

rdbj_97 said @ 05/27/2003 04:03 PM CST

that is a great song, isn't it? i love the bitterness in it.

yes, Everclear made the iPod about a week ago. i planted both So Much For The Afterglow and Slow Motion Daydream into the mix. i have another Everclear album that is buried somewhere in my 1200 or so CDs. still looking for it :-0

sellthekids said @ 05/28/2003 08:28 AM CST

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