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song in my heart, words in my head

early reports are in and it appears that Sony's MDR-EX71SL earphones resoundly whip Apple's stock iPod buds. these little beauties came to me via Japan and took about 2.5 weeks to get here; damn customs office. they are true inner-canal earbuds that come with 3 different sized rubber gaskets which are used to make a solid seal in your ear. nifty. what that gasket allows is pretty unique: deeper than normal bass, the ability to listen to music at a lower volume b/c outside noise is sufficient dampened, and the added bonus of being pretty silent for your neighbors who don't want to hear your CD mix devoted to the best of Slaughter: fly me to the angels please! thus, i am impressed. order yours now and screen out your neighbors mouthbreathing!

via unnamed sources (thanks Chip!) i am now listening to the latest Matthew Sweet CD, Kimi Ga Suki. that translates to I Love You * Life. check out the discussion here for more info. needless to say, it is all that. i have been needing some new Sweet and this is just the ticket. time to dig out his other albums i own and put them on the iPod.

congrats to Baylor Baseball for making the NCAA super regionals. they play old man Murray State this friday.

i will leave you with this site and hope you find it as enjoyable and funny as i did.

i'm out!

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OK, did you save room for the Psych Furs? Gotta have room for the Furs. They are the bomb! They got it going on. They are the shisnit with the bling-bling (maybe I should stay off the TeenLingo site until I can write some kind of translator).

rdbj_97 said @ 05/28/2003 12:23 PM CST

i added the 2 CD retrospective just last night: The Psychedelic Furs - Should God Forget!


good good good stuff.

sellthekids said @ 05/28/2003 12:45 PM CST

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