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Did Ronald get in a little trouble down there?

don't say that i never try to bring some humor into your daily lives. today i present you with the underground machinations that is Ronald McDonald.

the NY Times ran a piece comparing the latest offerings from ReplayTV and TiVo. i am of course biased and think the TiVo won. either way, having TV without one of these babies is like having the Internet via a 48.8kbps dial-up. how's that modem working out for you, Otter? heh.

speaking of Otter, go read his flame on Madonna and her latest video. i was standing in my chair screaming in agreement with him as i read his piece; hope you are too.

for those laptop users out there, here is a product that allows you to put the "lap" back into your portable PC. i know one person who swears by a similar product.

time to make the doughnuts!

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Ronald McDonald and Madonna? I never knew how similar these two were. Pre-packaged, artificially flavored, pre-scripted, and designed for consumption.

Actually, while most of Madonna's work is not targeted at my socio-economic niche, I found her relentless drive toward domination pleasing, like the warm feeling you get when you hit the self- serve button on the morphine drip (maybe it was all the pleather and her mammalian plentitudes).

Most of all, I liked that she was unapologetically Madonna. Burning Crosses? Kissing Icons? Masturbatory Pictorials (damn that all metal!)? Spray Painting a Porsche? Sex with freaky B-ball players and a talent less wigger? Whatever. Piss off an entire religion? I can be persuaded to back that.

But now she has finally pushed me off my silent post on the band wagon with that familiar curse: Sell out.

She nixes a video because her daughter has to walk down the street? Is it ok for her to walk down that street if she is dressed like a whore, or naked, hitch-hiking in Florida?

The thing that kills me about her (and the Dixie Chicks, while we are at it) is the complete lack of conviction. Come on. One of the perks of having enough cash on hand is the freedom to do what you want. I can't tell my boss to take a hike b/c I've got bills and this ain’t 1999.

But the big M's got bank. COME ON! You get to live in you own private world. Have the sack to flaunt it by sticking to your unpopular personal opinions and taking the heat (what I hated about the Chicks is that they apologized for the wrong thing. They should have apologized for not coming up something more intelligent to say).

Oh, yeah. One more thing: GROW UP! You and Cher (CHER! 20 years your senior) are about as relevant as Bill Clinton's opinions. Walk away. Take your money and walk on by. Raise your kids, shut your mouth, and see if you can't pull off some sort of Princess Grace type of exit. How soon before Lourdes can drive?

(Man, the “five cups of coffee and Everclear” combo deal at Whataburger seemed like a good way to start the day off. Maybe not.)

rdbj_97 said @ 05/30/2003 11:37 AM CST

Laptop Desk looks awesome. It basically combines two products that I have into one (lapbottom and cool pad. http://www.coolpad.com/)

Also I like how it folds in half.

ARogan said @ 05/30/2003 05:28 PM CST

why is ronald mcdonald news?

my favorite quote: "To be a Ronald is a lifelong career..."

It sure is. I think I might just change my name and then retire.

otterc said @ 05/31/2003 08:19 AM CST

Ronald is new b/c this was in the WSJ and it was a slow news day. that and as far as recognizable marketing icons Ronald ranks next to the coke red disc icon, which is #1 for global brand recognition.


sellthekids said @ 05/31/2003 06:22 PM CST

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