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greed is a concert strategy?

interesting article in today's WSJ about my favorite radio station and concert monopoly, Clear Channel Communications. seems that Clear Channel has been suffering - poor concert attendance is cutting into their bottom line. as must be required by any business that works in the entertainment industry, Clear Channel is/was doing some pretty stupid stuff. let's see, instead of booking artists and giving them a take of the true sales of an event, they instead did things like paid Peter Gabriel upwards of $600K per show and then jacked the prices to an average of $91/ticket, expecting to rake in the dough to cover their talent expenditure. yeah, re-read that sentence a few times if you don't understand how utterly MORONIC that is, as a business practice. so in the post-9/11 world (yes, 9/11 has effected sales, so they say (and i believe)), the bookings in Clear Channels 106 concert venues have been down, thus pushing their profits down. well, duh. maybe if they made ticket prices reflect the true value of what they were selling, but instead, just like record labels, they rope themselves into silly contracts with upfront costs in the hopes of recouping on the backend sales: very stupid and greedy.

in a follow-up: the Sony ear buds i mentioned here are really awsome. i used them all week and then this was my first weekend to have them for lawn duty. b/c they seal the ear canal, they really block out the noise associated with the mower/edger/blower, i would say maybe as much as 90%. that translates into the ability to listen to music at a lower level and hear more of the intricacies of the songs. this weekend was The Dandy Warhols Welcome To The Monkeyhouse (album title stolen from Vonnegut) in spin. good good stuff.


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You know, just when I think I am *over* how petty, prosaic and mean-spirited this world is made to be, you've got to bring up Clear Channel and the music biz. You bastard!

When will the Internet kill the record business? How much music do I have to buy from Steve Jobs to put a stake through its lifeless heart? Do I have to shave my head and give up all my worldly possession? WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO REMOVE THIS EVIL FROM THE WORLD?!

[damnit. Too much coffee again]

rdbj_97 said @ 06/03/2003 09:52 AM CST

I agree!

otterco said @ 06/04/2003 12:33 PM CST

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