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there is so much stuff i want to talk about and so little time....

as i posted on Donewaiting, appears Apple understands how to woo music listeners: planned for thursday is a meeting with several indie labels, including Matador and Sub-pop, about bringing their catalogs to iTunes. this is awsome news and i am sure an attempt by Apple to distance themselves from Real's new offerings and the in the works Microsoft/AOL cabal.

a buddy sent me an email saying that his company CEO(owner) had done the following: since they do a ton of work for HP and HP has a plan that doesn't allow work to be publised in the last 2 weeks of the year, this 'smart' CEO(owner) decided to make her employees take from Dec 22-Jan 2 off. neat, right? free holiday? ummm, no. you either have to spend your vacation time (7 days worth) or not get paid for those days. is this legal? is it right? i don't want to go off on a Dennis Miller here, but...wait, yes i do:

it is pretty typical of small business owners to be very in-touch with their cost structure and their margins. it is also pretty typical for small business owners (at least the ones i have worked for) to be completely clueless when it comes to balancing work vs. employee needs/wants/desires/happiness. this is just another instance proving that many small business owners who are successful are as such in spite of their efforts, not because of them. this is quite possibly the most moronic thing i have heard this year. so this jackass owner is going to give her employees a meager two weeks of vacation a year and then legislate that they need to spend over 50% of those days during a period of her choosing? and is going to pop this change to the employees in June? why even call it vacation? seriously makes my blood boil because i have worked for jackasses like this and it just reinforces why most places that you end up working suck. i guess that's why they call it "work" because if we enjoyed it, it would be called something else.

TiVo is going to begin selling its user data to advertisers and all i can say is, "about damn time!" the data will be aggregated and only tracable to zip+4 codes, but it will show advertisers what people are watching and how much they fast forward (through commericals.) since the TiVo user base, roughly 700K, is larger than the Neilsen sampling base, this will give TV viewers (who own a TiVo) a bigger voice in telling TV execs what they like and what blows. now please take all "reality" TV off the air. please?

Justin Frankel is at it again. that dude rules!

lastly, not only are people in Hong Kong ahead in the technology race, but they are ahead in how it trickles down. way to go early-adopter pimps! wonder if we will see commericals for this use here in the U.S.?


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you don't have the choice to "not get paid" -- you have to take the vacation. if you don't have the vacation, then it's taken out of next year's vacation days.

no, really.

me said @ 06/04/2003 10:56 AM CST

then that makes it even more moronic. what is to stop an employee, who already took their entire vacation for the year prior to this announcement in June, from then getting those 7 days off in Dec and then quitting come Jan 2. they then would have been 'paid' for 7 days that they did not earn?

am i hearing that correctly?

sellthekids said @ 06/04/2003 11:55 AM CST

then they will take it out of the last check

me said @ 06/04/2003 12:11 PM CST

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