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everyday is like sunday


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january has april showers



everyday is like monday?

thank god it's monday! oh, wait....

interesting user story on the Segway HT. wish i lived in the Montrose so i could buy one and ride it to work. über cool.

are you one of those people who say, "i use Opera/Mozilla/Netscape and not IE so my browser is better." yeah, think again. welcome to the monkey house, boys.

how do you keep your Guinness cold? here is one geek's way!

Gizmodo takes the way-way back machine to 1983. i had one of those walkmans. i mowed many a yard jamming to Michael Jackson, The Outfield, and Men At Work. yeah, i said it, so sue me!

tune in tomorrow for the top 10 bands consuming space on my iPod!

yippie k-yea!

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As you can see, Mr. Arnesen, we’ve been keeping an eye on your for sometime. It seems that you are leading two lives. By day, you work for one of the world’s most successful hardware firms. You even help your landlady fix her sink disposal…

…Dude, I can’t decide if this guy is a genius or a certifiable nut. Actually, just the idea of drinking stout outside (in *Houston*) almost makes me wanna retch (I mean, I tried it once. Never been so drunk and hung over trying to get that black gold down my throat before it got hot. And, not to be disgusting, the next day was when I found out what stout does to your stool. Scared the shiiiii…, well, let’s just say I panicked. One of the top five worst hangovers, ever!)

That’s when I decided that Sven, here, is probably trying to get around a balmy 75 degree “heat wave.” Still, the guys that I hung out with considered you a wanker if you took more than three pulls to finish a pint of Guinness (and YES I realize that they were probably not sane either).

My question is, how did you find this guy? Looking for a way to use your spare pc parts or keep your Pabst cold? HEY, this guy should rig up a car-adapter! Wait. No. Sorry.

rdbj_97 said @ 06/09/2003 09:27 AM CST

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