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Wow! Kind of scary! Am I?



january has april showers

here is a list of the top ten artists on my iPod, as determined by number of minutes each has:
1. Metallica = 653.37
2. Spiritualized = 472.39
3. Smashing Pumpkins = 374.58
4. Yo La Tengo = 315.29
5. Joy Division = 308.07
6. Camper Van Beethoven = 292.22
7. Local H = 235.12
8. Cracker = 226.08
9. Queens of the Stone Age = 207.18
10. Blur = 189.30

this list is not static nor does it depict the fullness of my music collection; for instance, the iPod only has 3 Radiohead albums on it, but i own something like 6 or 7. adding those (which i plan to do) will surely vault it into the top ten. also, much of the Metallica won't be staying. i added a ton after getting St. Anger so i could rightly judge their latest offering against their older stuff. the Smashing Pumpkins could just as easily be #1 like Metallica, if i added all their CDs...i still have an entire boxset of the singles which isn't on the iPod. anyway, that is the state it sits today. i expect to load more Radiohead tonight, since today is the official release of Hail To The Thief. you are getting it at lunch, right?

construction started yesterday on Darci's business. we hope to have the minor $15K in buildout done by mid-month or so. i will be pleasantly surprised if we get an occupancy permit for July 1st; i think it might be doable, but we'll see. permitting is pretty much reliant on the personal opinions of the inspector. fortunately, Dar has already become great friends with the two inspectors. my wife would make a great politician. heh.

any semblance of the 15lbs i lost during my two-month unemployment has all been gained back by my morning ritual of a Dr. Pepper for breakfast. damn this company and their $.25 sodas - heh! too bad we don't have Starbuckz (although a real Starbucks is within walking distance under Greeenway 11.)

take care!

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radiohead. delicious radiohead.

otterco said @ 06/10/2003 11:52 AM CST

should i ruin it for you now? tell you exactly what is contained within and how it is assembled?

definitely interesting, in that Radiohead way.

sellthekids said @ 06/10/2003 12:51 PM CST

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