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Why doesn't he just hit fruit with a hammer?

the Trio channel is running Uncensored Comedy month, which is a joke in and of itself b/c they bleep every word they can. this entry finds me yet again singing praises to my TiVo: i came home from the hell that was my office and found "Outlaw Comic: The Censoring Or Bill Hicks" recorded for me. goooood TiVo, goooooood boy.

after reading American Scream, i already had a pretty deep understanding of Hicks' life, his struggles and his eventual death. i will be honest: the book left me teary-eyed when i finished it. well, this show is pretty much the same story and material as the book, but now you get to see/hear Bill in his own voice. hosted and narrated by Janeane Garofalo, it is a stunning show that makes me appreciate every joke Hicks every tested on us, his fans who allowed him to open our third eyes.

check the schedule if your cable provider offers Trio and notice that not only will they be showing the episodes where Bill appeared on David Letterman, but on 6/28 they will re-run Outlaw Comic. as for me, i am not deleting mine off TiVo. EVAR!

btw, if anyone doesn't think that Letterman sucks, they need two things: a swift kick in the balls and the opportunity to watch Outlaw Comic. Letterman is a jackass, an enemy to free speech and a puppet for commericalism. i thought it before i read the book, i thought it after the book, and here i am thinking it again after watching Outlaw Comic. Letterman (and Leno, modern-day SNL, Mad TV, Jamie Kennedy, Jackass, etc) are a symptom of the fact that the U.S. is full of morons, mouth-breathers, and right-wing zealots. i find it so sad that people watch that crap and think another round of Stupid Humans With Dumb Pets Who Do Tricks is funny, rather than what it really is: puerile. seriously.

anyway, check out Bill Hicks on Trio.

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hee! bill hicks.

doesn't rush limbaugh look like one of those gays guys who likes to get peed on by other guys?

ot said @ 06/22/2003 12:09 AM CST

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