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Eternity's a terrible thought. I mean, where's it all going to end?


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now listen to a story about a man named....



i think about the complications

happy Fourth of July!! oh, crap, wait i missed it.

spent all weekend (and Friday the 4th too) working at Dar's shop. it was a madhouse. seriously, mad house. the brightside is that she made some coin, made a lot of customers happy (and hopefully customers for life), and enjoyed running her own show...the darkside is that we spent about 12-16 hours a day at the shop and both are just whipped. we also learned some valuble lessons, such as:
* no German shepherds - evar.
* if your dog is not neutered, then it ain't stayin' with us.
* beagles are inbred...the entire lot.

anyway, i need to re-acquaint myself with my couch, tv and TiVo...all three are sure i am M.I.A.

speaking of TiVo - god bless it. is there a better show on regular tv than Scrubs? seriously. just top notch, top notch!

well, that's the short of it...maybe i will get around to the long version later.


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