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But they use a secret language and you gotta speak the tongue

sorry for the lack of updates - i must admit it is pure laziness. just being honest.

Dar's shop is kicking arse and taking names. ok, seriously, it is far more successful than we expected for it's first month of operation, which ends July 25th. i expect the profit margin to actually work out to about 2.5 times operational costs for the first month - which is nice. what is scary is that boarding has been far more of the margin than we estimated. this means months like Sept. and Oct. could be thin - these are generally boarding free months.

if you haven't been keeping up, Lance Armstrong has gone from shadow to ruler in the Tour de France. he is truly a special athlete. i don't know the guy from Adam - i am not his spouse nor his child, but as far as i can tell, he is a pretty special guy. let's hope, unlike some, he does not become ignorant and stupid in his success.

i like simple stories that offer insights into complex business problems. whether this is one is actually true or not, it still makes a keen point.

should i be scared that i agree with this guy? seriously...i am frightened. where are the Four Horsemen?

Four Horsemen? oh, they must be pulling the carriage to this prom. seriously - i weep for humanity.


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OMG I think I'm blind after looking at the prom pics.

ARogan said @ 07/29/2003 04:48 PM CST

Wow-judging by the attire I wonder how many "lil' playas" will crop up along about March 2004.....

VP said @ 08/01/2003 03:54 PM CST

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