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another year of luck is fading

as i sit here in the shop with the last few hours of sunlight warming the front room, i thought i might squeeze in an update since it's been, oh, a little while since i have last checked in. please pardon my tardiness.

things have been going well. believe it or not, the 80-90 hour weeks are not even close to as excruciating as the work i was doing in the IT industry. i guess one of the best/worst things i can thank my last two jobs for is: they have burned in a distaste and disdain for the industry as a whole. while i enjoyed the challenge of software development, the reality of the jobs that i held was, so much of a 40-50 hour week is really spent doing utter crap that has nothing to do with making great software that solves business problems. instead it always seems 80% of 'work' time is spent doing the BS that management *thinks* is going to solve problems. anyway, i am constantly asked by friends/customers/parents if i miss my old work and if i want to go back and you know, i still can't answer, "yes." i don't miss it and i am beginning to think i might not ever. i talk to so many people who come into the shop and invariably they all have bad days, terrible bosses, crappy commutes, etc. all the things that we as consumers have to put up with to finance our lives. i feel pretty lucky; while i do have to contend with some members of the public who seem mildly retarded at best, i can't say that i have a bad gig. and the long hours of work don't seem that long when you don't hate what/where you work.

today is sunday and all the news (since about 5:30AM this morning when i first heard it) is abuzz with the capture of Saddam. i still don't get it. so while the military, the white house, the republicans, even the democratic presidential hopefuls crow about how this is the best thing since sliced bread i still wonder, where the hell are the WMDs and was/is this whole exercise worth $4 billion a month of our hard earned tax dollars? someone clue me in b/c i don't see it. what i do see: cronyism is rampant and i fully expect Saddam's capture to become the reason we went to war. regime change, right? was that the bill of goods we were sold in expectation for blowing our cash? i dunno....

xmas is right around the corner and for the first year ever we have completed ALL our shopping for gifts online. now somewhere around the launch of Amazon.com i started buying some gifts online, but this year, with our time a premium and my hate for malls and throngs of consumption-crazy suburbanites, we did it all via internet. while bricks and mortar may never truly die, i can see in 20 years when buying stuff in person is just too time consuming to do. i mean, once you have the infrastructure built to handle the transactions, it all falls in place. and beside the companies selling goods, companies like FedEx and UPS have really laid some major ground work to make it seamless and easy. so far i am impressed. we'll see how the gifts go over...including my wife's.

in case anyone was wondering, i am still in love with my iPod. now that i have iTunes, i really am enjoying music easier. i love the playlists, esp the smart playlists and the iTunes store is pretty cool. that said, i wish someone at Apple would fess up and explain why so many of the full-length albums i want to buy are only "partials." i mean (and this is going to sound sad) i wanted to buy Prince's Purple Rain soundtrack, but it isn't complete...wtf?? (yeah, for the last couple of weeks i have been waking up with various songs rambling through my head. see, i don't sleep well, and i often wake up at 2, 3, 4AM and when i do, i have some odd song blaring in my brain. no idea why. a few months ago it was Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4, which was ok b/c i found a 70's compilation CD in Target.) anyway, while i could go buy the CD, it would be so much easier to just download it. any btw, this ain't the only one that i wanted where it wasn't fully available: all of Primal Scream's works are partials, many of Sly and the Family Stone's, etc etc etc. those just come to mind (and yeah, i won't find those at Target.) anyway, that is my major gripe with iTunes. on the plus side, i did get a Yo La Tengo album (Ride the Tiger) i didn't have via iTunes and of course, as previously mentioned, Apple had London Suede's Head Music in full, which almost makes me forgive them. recently discovered and downloaded via iTunes has been Jet, Kings of Leon, and Frank Black and the Catholics. yeah yeah, i don't know what my deal was or is. i am a huge Pixies fan and i don't know why i never got into Frank's works with the Catholics, but i downloaded Show Me Your Tears and surprise, surpise, i really like about 90% of it. it is very easy to hear how some of these songs are/were/should have been Pixies tunes and some of them sound downright Pixie-ish, if i may say so. anyway, that part of iTunes has been berry, berry good to me.

speaking of music, our little informal InMyEar email list will have it's Best of 2003 shortly. i am leaning towards The Damnwells' Bastards of the Beat being my pick for best of the year. it is a fantastic CD, which hopefully will be available nationally shortly, should they ever get signed. i got to see them again in early Nov and as usual, i was impressed. they are a tight band with some excellent songs. besides The Damnwells i think i will be hard pressed to come up with more than 10-15 CDs that i truly bought and loved in 2003. Blur's Think Tank is making the list, as is the Dandy Warhols' Welcome to the Monkeyhouse. verdict is still out on Radiohead's last work, which i like a lot. ok, sure, it will prolly make it too. heh.

well, time is short and the dogs want dinner....

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You don't post for months, then finally when you do, there is no word of the biggest move in baseball this off-season!!!??? Or have you completely written off baseball too?


No speak of the Astros big move? said @ 12/17/2003 08:08 AM CST

no, i still follow...and although it is a big move, i would say the final outcome will be similar to when we aquired The Big Unit, i.e. zilch.

the astros have too many albatrosses to really make a run. name a few? sure: Bagwell, Biggio, Hidalgo for a start. until we spend upwards of $60mil AND rid ourselves of our aging "superstars" (and multi-millionaire outfielders who can't hit their weight) then we will be also-rans.

someone tell me, what was the median age of the FLA World Series champs? i bet it was several years less than the current 'stros.

all that said, i am excited about Houston hosting the All-star game!

bcd said @ 12/20/2003 08:22 AM CST

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