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12/21/2003: new year's resolutions?

age: 27
weight: 165
waist: 34
occupation: office lackey
plans: returning to university to complete degree

age: 29
weight: 185
waist: 35
occupation: graduating moron
plans: software dork for consulting firm

age: 33
weight: 220
waist: 38
occupation: indentured slave at corporate hellhole
plans: praying to be laid-off

age: 34
weight: 185
waist: 35
occupation: C.F.O. (chief fecal officer)
plans: avoid returning to rat race

that list is the proof to the theory that slaving your life away to make money for corporate greedhounds is not only bad for your mental health, but also bad for your physical health.

advice: tell your boss to take their job and shove it and do what makes you happy (or at least enriches your life more than some shareholder's.)

(individual results may vary; may cause lack of sleep. heh.)


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chow down, wide load


looking good, mortimer

dac said @ 12/30/2003 03:17 PM CST

ever update this thing?

dac said @ 02/06/2004 09:15 PM CST

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