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04/27/2004: song remains the same

so with my free Pepsi iTunes downloads i bought "Darling Nikki" by Prince. Why this song? believe it or not, we have a client who has two standard poodles which he brings in every 6 weeks: Misty and Nikki. yes, this old (he must be 70-something) man not only named his poodle Nikki, but he spelled it with the double k's! so of course, every six weeks when he comes in, for the remainder of the day, i have that damn Prince song running through my head. and of course, i know the entire song b/c i always thought i was so rebellious to memorize such a "dirty" song (thanks Tipper for the push!)

anyway, today on a lark i played the song in iTunes; i had completely forgotten the whole "backward masking" deal at the song end. i remember back in the day my Southern Baptist Church making its public proclamation that rock was going to rot our brains, turn us all into Satanists and make us kill each other, so i knew that it was there, but i had forgotten what it said. god bless Google.

answers in spades....


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