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02/24/2005: debaser

so for the last several months i have been playing poker (no-limit hold 'em), both online and in the casinos (well, the casinos in Lake Charles: Harrah's, Isle of Capri, and Coushatta.) after getting over the initial learning curve losses (roughly $1K) i have finally gotten to a point where i am making money on a regular basis, although to be honest, placing first in the top tournaments has alluded me for the most part; i did win Isle's Noon $30 Freezeout, which netted me a little over $400, but my goal has been to win one of Harrah's WSOP Super Satellites.

yesterday i finished 6th in a Poker Star's $11+$1 Rebuy tourney, which paid out $1121. Not a bad payday for my $31 investment (roughly $200/hr.)

my goal starting March '05 and moving forward is to post on my results, my thoughts on poker theory & books, etc.

let's see if i can finally get back to running my blog....

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