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02/25/2005: wonderboy

no-limit poker is a sick past time and god forbid it become a job. spent 3 hours playing another $11+$1 Rebuy tourney on Poker Stars yesterday; went out in 114th place when my wired Jacks were busted on the flop by Big Chick offsuit. while disappointed, it was pretty much a race situation, with AQ being about a 20% dog...still - was a huge pot and would have move me into the top 20 places had i won. total cost was $50, so not like i bet the house or anything, but still - i am angling to win one of these tourneys. first place was a little over $5500.

i've gotta come up with a good way to play AA. in the past two days i have been dealt AA roughly 8 times and i have been experimenting with how to play it. you often here the refrain, "aces will win you a small pot and lose you a large pot" and so far that seems to be true. with aces under-the-gun, i have opened with a pot-sized bet and had the entire table fold out, which is fine if you need the blinds (and antes, if there are any) but seems like such as waste with such a great starting hand. 3 & 4 times the big blind also seems to either get a single caller or a rash of folds. the single time i limped with rockets in the big blind, i got sucked out on in a major way: my opponent filled his A10o on the river to make a full house; chances of that happening: 4.5%. the good news: i didn't go all-in b/c i feared he had tripped 10s on the flop (he lead out with 4xBB, which made me think!) anyway - i am sure the proper way to play wired aces is situation-dependent, as are all hands in no-limit, but i need to figure out a way to maximize my return on such as good opening hand.

hopefully i will get another crack at the $11+$1 tourney today....

i've been reading Malcolm Gladwell's new book Blink. pretty good read - i am surprised Gladwell hasn't considered studying poker players, since Blink is all about rapid cognition and "thin-slicing." ESPN's Page 2 had an interview with Gladwell prior to the SuperBowl - seems there are some pro teams that could use Gladwell's advice (hint hint Eagles.)

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