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03/11/2005: and now for something completely different

well, today is the 7th day of spring break for FBISD and i am about worn out. currently, with grooming, boarding, daycare and my dogs there are seventy (yeah, 7-0) dogs in the shop. we have 35 boarding this weekend and have had roughly 30 boarding for the last ten days or so. while i enjoy money, if i had to be this busy day-in and day-out, i would go nuts. thank god our kennel help works on sunday so that we get a full day off. whew!

so i continue to play piss poor poker. last sunday at Northside i went out in roughly 30th place out of 40 people. why? b/c i continue to be impatient and make questionable bets/calls with marginal hands. why call all-in with A10o? um, no reason (i mean, there was a reason: there was already one other person all-in and i put both these guys on hand without an ace. so i was gambling that i would pair my ace and win the hand. sure 'nuff, one guy had JJ and one had tens, but i did not pair my ace, missing roughly 20% chance on a bad gamble...bad!) so what if you have put 25% of your stack in the pot pre-flop...walk away! well, i didn't. i also still seem to have control issues when holding wired pairs, 10 down to deuce. i have experimented with limping, 3-4xBB, even overbetting the pot; all have been disasterious. yesterday i read Tom McEvoy and T.J. Cloutier's section on how to play them and this sunday i am promising myself to stop and think prior to acting. Cloutier espouses that he doesn't even play these pairs unless in middle to late position and then he usually limps with them. he also pointed out that a raise or two in front of him might also cause him to fold his small pair, since the raisers would be showing strength, particularly out of position. it all sounds very simple, and in practice it should be, but for some reason i have had difficulting controlling my impulses. patience, patience, patience.

after blowing up and bowing out in the tourney last week i played a little $1/$2 pot limit - didn't see many hands in the hour that i played and ended up with only $12 in profit. ugh. the guy next to me? no lie, he was up $500 for the hour that i played. $500 in $1/$2 pot limit. one hand raked him in roughly $300 when he limped with A3o (and called a raise behind him) and made a full house on the flop. two callers both had aces, one with AQ and one with AK. it was a car accident waiting to happen. i ended up playing about 5 hands, winning 3 to make that big money. this week my goal is to play long enough in the tourney so as to not need to play the ring game. ;-)

well, work beckons....

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