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03/15/2005: use your illusion

ahhhhhhhhh! nothing like being back to pre-Spring Break normality. don't get me wrong - i like making money, so being busy is nice. but anyone who tells you that owning your own business and working 60-80 hours a week is easy is both a fool and a liar. so as of today there are 10 dogs left boarding and as usual per tuesdays, no grooming. Dar is off today and last i spoke to her she was sleeping. mmmm, sleep - that's where i'm a viking.

tomorrow is my day off and a glorious one will it be! tomorrow also has some key factors that are leading me to my decision of what to do on my sole day off of the week:
#1 - our groomer is off till friday (his family is in from New York.) so tomorrow will be a stress-free day for Dar.

#2 - my home PC has gone putuzzzzzz! dunno wassup: it blue-screened on Sunday and now will not even power up. it is a Dell with less than a year on it (i think.) i gotta either call Dell or take it somewhere local. very odd crash and i r pissed. thank god there is nothing on the HDD worth keeping.

#3 - i have $700 cash burning a whole in my pocket! normally i keep most of my poker roll in Neteller, for easy access to online play, but with Sunday's windfall, i have a wad of cash on hand and b/c yesterday was so balls-to-the-wall with Spring Break check-outs, i haven't made it to the bank. hmmmm - that spells one thing.....

L A K E &nbsp C H A R L E S, B A B Y !

so i have made my car reservations and i am off for another day of poorman's gambling. same plans as usual: noon $30 freezeout at Isle of Capri, followed by 6:30PM WSOP Super-Satellite at Harrah's. hopefully somewhere in the middle i will get some NLHE in, but usually during the day between these two tourneys i have to put up with $3/$6/$12 limit. ugh.

anyway, i will have to check my books, but i think this will be my sixth WSOP tourney attempt at Harrah's and so far i am not batting very well. one 4th place (money). two 5th places (money). one 6th place (money). one blow-up with about one-third of the fields still alive (eeek - no money). only the top two places get seats in the satellite, which is held at the end of each month. will this be the time for me? dunno - but i gotta do something or else i am going to have to convince my wife i need to go to Vegas and try the satellites there for the WSOP. yeah, good luck with that one!

well, nothing going on today but the rent. i'll try to polish up a few books and watch all the dogs and get some rest for tomorrow!

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I am sure SWAir has some cheap flights to Vegas. It's Cheetah's that'll cost ya bigtime. Heh.

DAC said @ 03/16/2005 02:47 PM CST

i doubt Cheetah's would cost me anymore than TMC.


bcd said @ 03/17/2005 07:58 AM CST

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