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03/15/2005: use your illusion, II

wow, two posts in one day? wth?

proving you should never check your email: my plans for tomorrow are now in question: should i take a whole day, rent a car, go to Lake Charles and play in two tournaments

- OR -

should i go play tonight at Northside's $1/$2 NLHE ring game, something i have yet to do


see if i go tonight to Northside (and forgo my trip to Lake Charles) i could play late into the night tonight. i am not real sure how late they play during the week (better said, i am not sure what the demand is for NLHE during the week.) on Fri and Sat nights they play until the sun comes up. anyway, theoretically, i could see a lot of hands playing there tonight and only be 35 min away from home, which when compared to the six hours of driving that it takes in total to go and come from Lake Charles...well, it is very compelling.

- BUT -

tonight is all ring games. i am not sure what my addiction is, but i really like tournaments. a lot. a lot a lot.

ok, i think i do know why i like them better: tournaments are a lot like lotteries; limited risk for a semi-decent payout. for instance, the tournament at Harrah's is a $15/$15, meaning $15 chip buy-in and $15 fee to the casino. you then have the option of three rebuys at $25 a piece. total cost is as little as $30 or as great as $105, if you do all the rebuys. 1st place generally pays out around $2K, or roughly 20 to 60x the cost to play. i generally have played for $80, sometimes for as little as $55. conversely, when you play ring games, you are only out when you stop buying chips. you can buy in for a maximum of $500 or as little as $100 and when you go broke you can rebuy again. and when you go broke you can rebuy again. and when you go broke you can rebuy again.... i think that is the thing that makes me like tournaments more: limited risk.

don't get me wrong, when in Lake Charles, if given the chance, i play NLHE. it is $100/$300 buy-in with $1/$2 blinds. last time i played i made a little over $400 in 45 min (right before the start of the WSOP Super Satellite. heh.) so i do play it. the question is, will i play it tonight?

not having to make that drive sure is appealing.

well, either i'll post the haps from tonight tomorrow, or i will be in Lake Charles and sleep-deprived when i post on Thursday.


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