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03/17/2005: get in the ring

(sorry for the G'NR titles...i think i am done with them as of today. heh.)

so i decided to forgo my trip to Lake Charles and play at Northside on Tues night. saved myself six hours of driving plus $50 in car rental; means i can add $50 to the money total i won Tues night, right?

arrived at 8:15PM. there was a small tournament running, i didn't ask the particulars, but sure wish i could get there at 6PM when they open, b/c i would have loved to play in a SnG there. the $1/$2 no-limit game was already running and i had to get on the list to wait for a chair. and wait i did.

round about 8:45PM the tournament ended and they set-up the $10/$20 limit game. i was still down the list for the no-limit game by one person, so i chipped up for $500 and sat in. i have never played $10/$20 - a level certainly above what i would normally play - but i was bored and figured that if i started to run bad i could always bow out and still wait for my seat in the no-limit game. as it happend, i got to play all of three hands before my seat became available and i cashed out of the limit game up $92. heh.

the max chips you can buy into the no-limit game is $500, so prior to sitting down i had to cash out $100 of my chips. no biggie. i sat with $492 and had the biggest buy-in stack on the table. next closest guy had roughly $350. game was ten handed with a pretty tight group of players: 3 guys on Spring Break from UofH, couple of older men, and about 5 guys round my age. the cards ran well for me all night and i was able to play my game and maintain a good, tight/aggressive table image. i was dealt pocket aces twice over the course of the evening, bringing it in for $50 and $25 respectively, neither time got any callers and i showed the hand so that everyone understood i wasn't stealing the blinds. i had AK a few times, although i know at least once i had to throw it away on the flop when it missed and two guys to my left bet out strong; this was a prescient move b/c the guy to my immediate left had AA and ended up busting out the other guy who was drawing to an open-ended straight. i didn't take down any huge pots, but slowly accumulated a small stack and ended up $240 for the night, earning roughly $48/hr for my time there. better than what i made programming - take that ADP!

overall it was enjoyable and i might consider doing this each Tuesday night. certainly still want to play in the Sunday tourneys and i am eyeing the $10/$20 game. i would like to move up and see what i could do there.

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