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03/18/2005: bitches brew

today is a hodge-podge of links and info, just things i have found to read or that interest me.

first up, great link on the true randomness of shuffling a deck. interesting info. i too have yet to see a deck get shuffled seven times before play.

Otter shot me a link to the Houston Press article on rise of poker and underground poker rooms. good sidebar links to Matt Dean and Sam Farha.

a Yahoo group set-up by Texans for Poker, a group who is trying to create a grassroots movement to legalize poker (such as it is in CA.)

lastly let's end with a hand summary from a tournament game of poker on Poker Academy:

Poker Academy Pro #1195 [No Limit Table 1]
Mar 15, 2005 3:42:36 PM

1) bcd_050221 $1110 Ac As
2) Trogdor (sitting out)
3) Nervous Ned $370 5s 3d
4) Amanda $2537 9h 8c
5) Chuck Reese * $1660 6s 5c
6) Enoch $1320 Ad Kd
7) Syd Pott (sitting out)
8) Max Bette $783 Jc 7s
9) Oliver Chips (sitting out)
10) Jack Pott $2220 6d 4s

Enoch posts $20 small blind
Max Bette posts $40 big blind
Jack Pott folds
bcd_050221 raises $40
Nervous Ned folds
Amanda folds
Chuck Reese folds
Enoch raises $1240 (all-in)
Max Bette folds
bcd_050221 calls $1030 (all-in)

FLOP: Th 4c Qc

TURN: Th 4c Qc Jh

RIVER: Th 4c Qc Jh Js

bcd_050221 has Ac As
Enoch has Ad Kd
Enoch wins $2260 with an Ace High Straight.

what are the odds? going to the flop i was almost a 90% favorite - this is the definition of domination, where catching either card still won't make a winning hand. yet, thanks to the immutable laws of probability, the board provided my computer opponent a straight, proving that sucks out happen everywhere (online, B&M and simulation.) weee!

now for the good news - thanks to the Geek Squad (which is really just the name for Best Buy's techies, since they bought the company and rolled it into their stores) my home PC is now up and running. diagnosis? dead power supply. total cost to fix it? $90. total time elapsed? 15 minutes.

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