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03/20/2005: i'm gonna change

just got back from playing at Northside: we got down to 4 players, i was 2nd in chips trailing the leader who had about 3 times my stack; the other two players had about half my stack of 400K. we all agreed to split the prize pot four-ways even, making $720 per player. a good little profit for my $100 buy-in!

i then proceeded to get stuck in $1/$2 PL for $300. ouch! i rode a wired pair of nines all the way down, and got busted by A10o, who pair the board with his ten. poor play, poor play, poor play.

so i still ended up making $300 for the night. all in all, another good take. but i am most happy with my tournament play, where i was able to wait for hands, be aggressive, and win some pots. i only sucked out once and that wasn't much of a suckout since the other player checked it to the river where i ended up flushing. maybe the key is going in for the full $100 straight out.

anyway - i will ruminate on this some more and talk up some key hands tomorrow!

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