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04/05/2005: "qué onda guero"

has it really been almost a week since i last visited these pages? sorry, was very busy losing my ass this weekend. plus, the Pope died, so i have been in mourning. well, i have been mourning all the other news that has happened in the world while all the media outlets have been focused on the Pope-a-thon '05.

yeah, i get it, there are a billion Catholics in the world and this was their earthly grand pooba, but the swarm of all the news channels to carry the latest information becomes overkill. and then there is the whole deal with why the Pope really matters anyway.

see, every other Christian sect denies the need for an intercessor in their religious hierarchy. at least in the bible i've read, the whole symbolism of the tearing of the veil in the Holy of Holies signifies the end of the seperation between God and man, so Catholicism's need for a Pope biblically confuses me. of course, their Bible is a little different.

anyway, i am over it so let's move on.

this weekend encapsulated a real down swing for my poker roll:

SSWPT = - $100

SSWPT cash game = + $12

Northside Sat. tourney = - $50, 8th place out of 44

Northside $10/$20 Limit with Full Kill = - $450

Northside Sun. tourney = -$100, 7th place out of 34

profit/loss = - $688

the real crusher was the $450 loss at the $10/$20 game. this game is really more like a $20/$40 game, which was part of the problem. i would estimate that 50% of the hands are played with the full kill in effect, meaning to come in cost $20, $40 if raised. while 22.5xBB is sufficient for a regular $10/$20 game, when the full kill is in my original $450 became on 11.25xBB - hardly enough to play properly. the other key to this limit game is the fact that ANY hand is played to the flop, almost regardless of raises; this goes hand-in-hand with the need for a larger bankroll. playing tight will do you hardly any good when you realize that most hands are won with straights, flushes and full houses. pairs and two pairs are almost sure losers.

after my last experience playing the $10/$20, i knew i was going to need to loosen up, particularly so that i could see many more flops than i do when i play no-limit. unfortunately, this was a real detriment when i was underfunded. by the end of the first two hours i was down about $200 and no longer had enough money to play any marginal drawing hands to the flop. so for the last two hours i tightened up, which, had i been lucky, might have worked, but unfortunately none of my pairs tripped and my two pairs died to straights and flushes on the turn and river. the killer (and end of my evening) was when my pocket queens died to trip sevens - of course two of those sevens were on the board and my opponent was playing the always lovely 7-3 off-suit. ISYN.

when i play this game again - and let me stress WHEN and not if - i will need at least $1000 to buy in. this is a lucrative game at Northside, with at least two or three guys cashing out with 3-4x their buy-ins, so money can be made. i feel i have a pretty good read on the players, i just need the ability to last through the swings till i hit some hands.

i should mention, the saturday $10/$20 is a lot more loose than the tuesday $10/$20. this looseness was also exacerbated by the fact that the men's NCAA tourney was playing, meaning the gamblers were out in force. i think $750 would be enough to play in the weekday $10/$20s, but that is just a guess. i know that sounds like a lot to play limit, but remember, the full kill goes in when one player wins two pots in a row or when a pot goes north of $200. with 6-7 people seeing the flop, about 1 out of 3 pots are over $200. it was a "learning" experience for sure - a costly one. my B&M winnings for '05 are under $400, so i have some serious work to do.

as for the tournaments this weekend, i played well at both of the Northside tournaments and pretty average at the SSWPT.

making the final table at both Northside tourneys is about as good as you can hope for - making the money was just a matter of hitting one hand or not suffering a suckout; sunday i lost an all-in when my AKo was rivered by the chip leader when he underpaired his J6o. and no, i did not go all in with my AKo - he put me all-in with his raise. i was correct in my read that he was stealing and playing very loose, so all i could do was get my money in and hope for the best. sometimes it just doesn't work out.

the SSWPT was interesting: 50 min blind levels were very nice, but starting with 1000 chips was not so great. 44 players started the tourney and then roughly 4 alternates were allowed in as people busted out in the first 50 minutes. i played roughly two hands: both times i flopped two pair, but the board held straight draws. i laid one down, convinced i was beat and ended up busting out with the other.

well, that is about it. tomorrow is my day off and i hope to get to play in the a couple of the Poker Stars $11+Rebuys tournaments.

wish me luck!

Replies: 6 Comments

I'm expecting the networks to break out in a Rosary ANY MINUTE, now.

But, I'm sure they will give equal coverage to Falwell or Swaggart or whatever lying, theiving, jackass is dying next week.

Brokensword said @ 04/05/2005 11:19 AM CST

unfortunately, i think the Pope was number three in this death trilogy(cochran, schivo, pope), so Falwell and Swaggart are probably safe.

i would actually expect the next big public outpouring of grief to be over Billy Graham, esp considering his relationship with pres #41 & #43.

bcd said @ 04/05/2005 11:44 AM CST


dac said @ 04/06/2005 12:12 PM CST

No, No! Cochran is the odd man out. It was (in order, I believe):
Mitch Hedberg, Terri Schivo, JPII.

Speaking of the dead, did you read what Rev. Al Sharpton told OJ at JC's funeral?
"With all due respect to you, brother Simpson, we didn't clap when the acquittal of Simpson came for O.J.; we were clapping for Johnnie." (NY Post)

You know, I'm pretty sure they someone should have mentioned this before now...

Brokensword said @ 04/07/2005 03:54 PM CST

So has anyone played at the Mongrel Social Club? How is it?

Maniacboy said @ 04/24/2005 06:52 PM CST

Maniacboy -

i have not played at Mongrel, but have talked to the owner; seems like a nice guy and appears the room maybe be nice too. i have only met two people who play there, but they also seemed like good guys.

just need to take some time to go.

bcd said @ 04/27/2005 10:39 AM CST

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