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04/12/2005: "hammertime"

file under - things that make you go hmmmmm:

in poker, there are some who call hole cards 7-2 offsuit The Hammer. in politics, acts of moral and political turpitude often involve The Hammer. and if you need an ambulance chaser, you could hire The Texas Hammer. coincidence? i think not.

congrats to the Astros for giving a home opener win to the Mets. Beltran was 1-3, so at least he didn't show us up.

Dar is at jury duty today, so we'll see how the remainder of the week's schedule gets mangled. i find it odd that i have voted for the last 17 years and only been called to jury duty once. this is Dar's first time in the 11 years we've been married. who the heck are they calling? i dunno if i should be offended or happy....

time to peruse the daily headlines!

i have an admission: i DO miss working in an office environment sometimes. yes, there it is, i said it! no, i don't miss the bullshit political agendas that every office has (often b/c humans are the tritest, most pathetic species on earth), nor do i miss management who obviously blew someone to get where they are b/c they lack enough fortitude and wherewithal to drive their employees to be the best they can be... no, i don't miss these things or the hundreds of others like them that still make my blood boil and cause me to reference ADP as an organization run by Apes, Dogs, and Pigs. instead i miss the veal pen/cube farm climes b/c they afforded me easily 2-3 hours a day to read the web, catch up on news, and basically surf.


yeah, get over it, probably 99.99% of all corporate workers use their "paid" time to do personal business. i could care less. why? the amount of time i "stole" from them is a mere pittance to the evils that corporations do to workers. i am seriously beginning to doubt any true "good" corporations exist, despite warm and fuzzy stories about Google or SAS.

anyway, so today, with no grooming going on and 80% of the weekend boarding finally checked out, i am getting some much needed surf time. lately my obsession with poker has caused me to ignore my other obsessions, such as current events, hip TV shows, and even video games. so today, as i was combining two obessions together (you got your gambling in my current events...and your current events in my gambling) i got sidetracked into the current morass know as More Ass, er...Tom DeLay. man, i forgot how completely crappy our political system and elected representatives are. wow!

first off, i am highly excited about Tom DeLay and the distance his party is beginning to put between themselves and his work. god, what an awsome spectacle. i like nothing more than when the jackals turn on the injured in their own ranks - tasty, tasty! i also like it when blood hits the water and the various sharks begin to boil the surface - nothing better than action! and if those links don't sate your bloodlust, surf by The Texas Observer, who have articles aplenty to keep you busy until your late-afternoon latte break. who says i don't help my entrenched office brethren! rejoice!

last but not least, and on a different but equally sad subject, how fricking pathetic are you when you have to have someone fill your iPod for you? the chance that CCR's "Fortunate Son" might soon appear on his playlist makes me smile. thanks Fogarty for the prescient, post-dated irony....

if any of this makes it seem like i am the only one keeping track of our sad, sad political house party, see Rob's post today for other news.

jebus - am i channeling anger and hate in a fashion not seen since a Dick Cheney press conference? mere moments after finishing the above post, i am greeted with the following email:

Dear ______,

When I talk to people in Texas about Tom DeLay, I hear one common theme over and over: what an embarrassment. Thankfully for Texas -- and the rest of the country -- the future of Tom DeLay's sleazy operation looks more and more bleak every day.

As a Texan, if you could say one thing -- in a big way -- to the people of his district, what would it be? We're looking for a slogan -- something short, something memorable, and something that lets folks know that it's time for Tom DeLay to go.

We're buying billboards in the 22nd Congressional District, and if your slogan is selected, it will be part of Democracy for America's big splash in Tom DeLay's backyard.

Suggest your Tom DeLay slogan here:

You have a lot of material to work with, thanks to Tom DeLay himself. Everything is fair game -- his abuse of power, his money-for-influence machine, his corporate shilling, his ethics rebukes, his foreign trips with lobbyists, his huge campaign payouts to family members, his bullying of fellow Congressmen.

You can even use his more recent threatening of judges and his wild lashing out at critics. And remember, his nickname is "The Hammer" and he's a former exterminator -- those facts might come in handy as well.

What message do you want to send?


With the folks at Democracy for Texas we're going to take your slogan and make a stand in DeLay's home district -- where his political base erodes more and more every day.

You were the first to put an ad on the air in his district last year, when everyone thought Tom DeLay was untouchable. Our efforts helped give him the scare of his political life and his lowest margin of victory ever.

Now it's time to finish the job -- and have a little fun doing it.

Thank you,

Tom Hughes
Executive Director
Democracy for America

P.S. -- Don't forget to suggest your slogan:



well, there you have it - something else to waste your time on today! ;-)

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Hey, if you really want to be part of the action, you go to www.democracyforamerica.org. They have bought some billboards in Sugar Land and are looking for "slogans" to put on them. Right now, I can't think of anything that wouldn't get Howard Stern fired/fined. So, maybe someone else can come up with a winner!

Brokensword said @ 04/12/2005 12:26 PM CST

Did you just post that edit or did I miss it. Crap. Sorry for the dupe!

Brokensword said @ 04/12/2005 12:32 PM CST

heh - i was editing it as you were commenting...just got that email from DfA. now if i could only come up with something witty (and not vulgar!)

bcd said @ 04/12/2005 12:34 PM CST

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